Principal's Message

The Charles W. Leng Elementary School is devoted to providing a safe and nurturing environment to encourage meaningful learning. Through a collaborative effort, the team at Public School 54, parents, staff and administrators – is committed to the vision that each and every student can and will meet the highest standards of educational excellence. The students of P.S. 54 shall be successful, lifelong learners prepared for the future.

They will be empowered to strive for excellence, to love learning, and to maximize their potential by:

  • being provided with a safe and orderly environment in which everyone is respected and encouraged to strive to do his/her very best.
  • being taught a multitude of academic and social skills that will enable them to become productive and valuable members of our society.
  • fostering a strong home/school partnership, thereby enhancing student achievement.
  • providing a challenging curriculum to ensure a quality education for all students.
  • addressing the individual needs of all students through differentiated instruction – remedial and enrichment.
  • incorporating the arts into the daily educational program, thus encouraging cultural awareness, diversity, equity, and creativity.
  • extending the use of technology in our daily instructional program to better prepare our students for a technologically advanced society. 

Our school is driven by a shared belief that learning for both students and adults happens best in an environment that provides for collaboration, consistency, and continuity . This belief encompasses all aspects of the school; from teaching, to planning, to looking at and responding to student achievement and social emotional data.